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Being experienced teachers and youth workers, we feel really strongly that it is vital for young people to have a passion for something constructive at a young age, that gets them away from technology and socialising and interacting with peers in the reala world!

As a result, we have designed some workshops aimed specifically at young people aged 12-17. While these sessions won’t go into as much detail as the adults workshops, they will teach and develop a wide range of skills and techniques in a fun environment.

These can be done with a minimum of 3 or a maximum of 20 participants.


Holiday Workshops for ages 12-17

Each holiday, watch out for special one off sessions which will be advertised on a first come, first served basis in the shop and on our Facebook page.

1 hour,  £20


Chocolate shoes and truffles

This session will cover skills of piping with chocolate, tempering, using hollowform moulds, working with fondant/modelling chocolate and making ganache and rolled truffles.

1.5 hours £25 per head


Mini house building

This session will cover tempering, using silicone moulds, piping with chocolate and using various techniques to construct and decorate a small chocolate house. All participants will go home with a boxed chocolate house they have made, as well as everything they need to make an additional one at home!

1 hour £20 per head


Chocolate painting and transfer sheets

This session will cover the use of printed transfer sheets, creating your own transfer sheet, tempering, making lollipops, slabs and buttons, piping with chocolate and the technique of using coloured cocoa butters to paint directly onto chocolate.

1 hour £20 per head


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Young People's Chocolate Workshops

Aimed specifically for high school students aged 12-17, who are ready for a bit more than our childrens holiday workshops.

These can be booked on a Tuesday to Saturday through term time and also in advance on Saturdays throughout the year. We also run special YP's workshops during school holidays too.

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