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Our school chocolate visits

Bookings available between Tuesdays and Fridays during term time.


As experienced teachers and youth workers we, here at Chocolate Whirled, understand that children need to learn in a stimulating and engaging way.  We offer a selection of both curriculum based sessions, as well as fun reward/themed sessions to ensure that there is something to suit all groups. We are also more than happy to tailor something to suit your groups exact needs and requirements.


Curriculum based sessions (aimed at KS2- can be adapted for KS1 or KS3)

Schools can choose any combination of the four units outlined below with a minimum number of two sessions required. Each session will last between 45 minutes and 1 hour, during which the children will acquire both knowledge, skills and chocolate treats!  Please allow an additional 10 minutes at the start of the day for the welcome and preparatory activities.


Choose from:


Changing States - Children will investigate and carry out the process of tempering as they attempt to restore a melted chocolate product to it's original state and make their own hot chocolate stirrers with a difference.    Main focus:  Science and Maths


The history of Chocolate - Children will be taken on a journey, discovering all about the Mayans, Aztecs and their effect on the history of what we now know as 'chocolate'. They will experience painting with cocoa butter and will also create and use their own Mayan design chocolate transfer sheet. Main focus: History and Art


From bean to bar - The children will learn where and how cacao is grown, harvested and processed. They will discover how the cocoa beans are then used to ultimately produce chocolate bars which they will then go on to mould for themselves. Main focus: Geography


Business and Enterprise - Bearing a number of factors in mind, the children will embark upon a mini project during which  they will  plan, design, make and package their own delicious chocolate pizza.  Who will get the best from their given budget?  Main focus: Maths


Every curriculum session consists of half teaching input and half a practical chocolate making activity to reinforce the learning covered in the input. Everything the pupils make will be ready for them to take home at the end of your time.The cost per child is £7 for the first session followed by an additional £5 per session. (No charge for up to 3 participating adults per group). We also have a room available for any groups who book 2 or more sessions who wish to stay on to have their packed lunches on site afterwards.




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