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Our Children's Holiday Workshops.

These run throughout most school holidays, with a different theme each time.


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Our children's holiday workshops have proved really popular and have sold out in advance every single school holiday they have run since we opened at Easter 2017! We are excited about being able to offer more spaces when our brand new, purpose built workshop is ready for Summer 2019!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

The cost is £13.75 per head.


What age are these for?

We have designed these workshops with the age range 4-11 in mind. We can take from 3 1/2 as long as they are ok to go in without a parent and we can take up to 16 year olds, as long as they are aware that the target age is 4-11. (We run additional holiday workshops for ages 12-17- see Young People's Workshops)


What will we make?

3 things will be made in a session and LOTS of chocolate will be consumed throughout! There is a different theme each holiday and a variety of chocolate making skills and techniques are covered each time.


What happens?

You arrive for your start time that you chose when you booked in advance. You will be greeted with a welcome pack and given specific instructions to carry out then. When the group is all there, we will take them through to the workshop area and work with the children to have lots of chocolate fun!

Parents get to sit and relax in our dedicated workshop cafe area and watch everything through our viewing window- all the nice parts for you without the noise and mess!!


How long does a session last?    

Approximately 45 minutes, depending on the numbers in the group.


How do I book?

Currently, we ask that you pop in to Chocolate Whirled to book the slot you would like. If you can't get in, we do take bookings via email or facebook as long as payment can be made via bank transfer.

We advertise the slots when we have the details (ususally around

a month before the holiday) on our Facebook page and in the shop.





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